About Us

We are a group of volunteers from Canada and the United States who would like to help people suffering from drug addiction to find alternatives in their lives. In 2020, the opioid crisis claimed the lives of 4,395 people in Canada, and 68,630 people in the United States.

Many people are searching to buy drugs and other addictive substances on the Internet. Our goal is to own many domain names that have strong buyer intent. When these buyers come to our sites, instead of finding information about how to buy the drugs, they are presented with options to choose a different path. They don’t have to buy those drugs. They don’t have to continue their paths of addiction.

We know firsthand that drug addiction is a real problem. It hurts not only the person who buys the drugs but also their friends and families. There are treatment programs, support groups, mobile applications, chat lines, and other options ready to help them quit their addictive habits. We hope by showing them that there are options available, their eyes would be opened and they could see that there is hope in their lives.

This website is part of Searching4Hope.com. Searching4Hope.com is connecting hurting people with hopeful results in the digital age. We can be reached at help@searching4hope.com

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